Metal Buildings

Metal Building Sales, Erection & Setup

Our building erection partner can erect small to large metal industrial buildings.

We offer turn key building services of sales, preparation, site construction and installation.

With the high price and low availability of land in Salt Lake, build a multi-story building for a lower cost than a larger footprint building requiring a large section of land.

Perfect for production facilities, data centers, office buildings.

Using pre-engineered metal frame buildings with IMP (Insulated Metal Panel) exterior, we can build a building in half the time of a traditional building at 70% of the cost.

Prices are roughly $45 per square foot for the building and roughly $35 per square foot per floor square for extra levels. Installation will run around $30 for installation and concrete for outer shell and $15 per square foot for additional levels.

We work with several contractors and we can get you moved in soon.

We do all of our own excavation, so we don’t have to wait on additional excavation contractors.

Always call Blue Stakes 811 before digging.


Please call or text 801-913-1072.